Word from School Principal - Mada 2


At Mada International Academy, we celebrate a tradition of excellence in education by setting high expectations for academic, social, and emotional growth. We encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits from an early age.  We encourage learners to be dynamically intellectual, culturally creative; our students are well prepared for the expected, but can also tackle the unknowns. We develop student leadership and encourage selflessness through a culture of caring and a spirit of giving.

In our school, we are committed to ensuring our students learn at the highest levels. Our students are individuals with potential, unique strengths and interests. We believe that it is our duty, as a school, to add value to each student by helping them achieve academic success and the joy of learning in an inclusive community, in which all our students feel challenged and valued.

We are dedicated to educating our students as a whole so that they may lead productive and existing lives in our dynamic society. The high expectations we hold for them are based upon our confidence in our ability to provide a challenging atmosphere within, an physically, emotionally, and intellectually, inviting climate.

At MIA, we uphold teaching and learning as the core and central part of our mission, and in this regard, we ensure that our teachers demonstrate outstanding subject knowledge that is accessible to all ability ranges.  They use well-timed interventions to help the students make good progress, and allow learning to incorporate a balanced use of explanation, demonstration, discussion, practice, investigation, and problem-solving. Our teachers recognize the importance of enabling learners to use new technologies to enhance their learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Our mission is to guide all of our students as they become active, socially responsible leaders and contributors with the knowledge, skills, and character to be successful.  We will achieve our mission by setting high expectations, emphasizing learning and growth, actively and continually improving, and utilizing research-based teaching, life-long skills including empathy, problem-solving strategies, skills for learning, and more, which creates a culture of caring, respect, and collaboration in which all students thrive.

We look forward to working with each other to provide the best possible education for our students.  Together, we will make our world a better place for all of us.

School Principal of Mada2

Mrs. Majeedah Al Serhan