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School Profile

Mada International Academy (MIA) was established in the year 2012 in Amman.

Mada (1) is located near the 8th circle in West Amman. Due to the remarkable performance and reputation of MIA, the school experienced exponential growth in the number of enrollments to where opening another branch had become a necessity. Hence, Mada (2) was opened in the summer of 2019. It is located near the 8th Circle, Al-Rawnaq District, across from the Jordan Commercial Bank. 

MIA is a living unit with its own values, character, and spirit. MIA is a K-12. The school strikes a good balance between an advanced curriculum, a modern education, character development, and social and religious activities. MIA uses modern methods of education that form a solid basis in the early stages of a child’s education. It helps students to recognize their capabilities and develop their confidence in themselves to allow them to be successful in all aspects of their lives. MIA teaches students that success is derived from being sincere, self-confident, and a hard worker.

MIA is a bilingual school; we strongly believe in endorsing a curriculum that takes bilingualism as an opportunity to develop students’ abilities and capacities in learning. Students who have English as their second language are offered training and practice to ensure that language presents no obstacles towards their learning. Every class delivered in a second language, even in sciences and mathematics, can be perceived as a class in language acquisition and our Language Policy guarantees the successful integration of English as the main medium of instruction at the International Department. We believe that language development does not take place only through weekly English classes but also via learning about language and through language. In this regard, we see English as a medium for learning through a variety of effective practices.

In the International Program Department, English is the main medium for instruction and assessments in sciences, mathematics, and technology. Arabic is taught through subjects regulated by the Ministry of Education in Jordan (Arabic, Religion and National studies).

The curriculum used provides students with the requirements for the Tawjihi equivalency and it covers Cambridge external examinations. All courses are appropriate for the students' developmental stages.

Our Mission

  • To deliver a world-class education that equips learners with life-long skills.
  • To empower students to become global world learners in the 21st century.
  • To be a hub of diversity, tolerance, inclusion and plurality.
  • To be an embodiment of our national and cultural identity.

Our Vision

To create an environment that offers excellence, innovation, critical thinking, and global citizenship while maintaining pride in our cultural identity.

Our Values

Responsibility: to instill leadership and positive attitudes among learners 

Number 1

Creativity: to bridge the gap between education and innovation

Number 2

Integrity: to adhere to our moral and ethical values in the community

number 3

Respect: to display appreciation for all and abide by good manners 

Number 4

Excellence: to deliver a quality education of the highest standards in all fields of knowledge 

Number 5

Word from General Manager

Mr.Mahmoud Yahya
Mr. Mahmoud Yahya

On the behalf of our students, teachers, and administrators, I would like to welcome you to the MIA website.

As we evolve deeper into the information age, most aspects of our lives require more problem-solving, learning, communication, and interpersonal and information-gathering skills than the ones were needed during the industrial age.

To provide these basic skills, we rely on an education system designed to meet the needs of the society for a long term.


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Word from School Principal- Mada 1

Mr. Musa’ab Al Azam
Mr. Musa’ab Al Azzam

We, at Mada, from the first day of the establishment of this educational institution, believed and embraced the fact that learning should be fun and useful as well.

We work very hard and do our best in order to raise a generation who believes in Allah and is loyal to their home country.


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Word of School Principal- Mada 2

Mrs. Majeedah Al Serhan

At Mada International Academy, we celebrate a tradition of excellence in education by setting high expectations for academic, social, and emotional growth. We encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits from an early age. We encourage learners to be dynamically intellectual, culturally creative; our students are well prepared for the expected, but can also tackle the unknowns. We develop student leadership, and encourage selflessness through a culture of caring and a spirit of giving.


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Our Facilities

Library-Mada 2


Science Lab

Science Labs

Computer Lab

Computer Labs



International program

Our school is accredited for Cambridge Primary & Cambridge Lower Secondary

Ministry of Education

National program

Our School is licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education


Professional school and the best team.

One of the best schools

Ala Azzam

One of the best school that I ever dealt with, I've been with this school for the last three years, I've noticed the effects of what they're doing on my daughter's personality the way  they prepare her for the next stage of her study, best staff and administration management.

Hayat Abu-Hijleh
Mada International Academy

Mada1: Building No. 379Medical City Street, Dahyet Al Ameer Rashed.

Tel: 065863110

Mada 2: Building No.1Mohammad Al Aqara'a Street, 7th Circle.

Tel: 065852020 

Email: [email protected]