Departments & Facilities

Mada 2


The library is well-equipped to meet the students and teachers’ needs. The library serves students from KG through Grade 12. It has a collection of fiction and non-fiction books both in English and Arabic. It also has internet services, computers, smartboards and a data show.

Library-Mada 2

Science Labs

There are two well-equipped science labs for all the sciences (biology, physics, chemistry). The labs are safe and are operated in accordance with international safety standards and are supervised by qualified lab technicians.

Science Lab

Computer Labs

The school has a well-equipped computer lab with all the latest technologies including Wi-Fi to enhance students’ research skills. It is also set-up for the students to work in groups and is supervised by academic staff.

Computer Lab

Indoor Playgrounds

The school enjoys a range of excellent indoor facilities; the two playgrounds are well-equipped and prepared for multi-purpose sports and extra activities.

Indoor playgrounds

Outdoor Playgrounds

The school building or space, including related areas - which is used for extracurricular activities or organized physical activity courses - is a fundamental space for the learning process. We have two playgrounds; one is for soccer, and the other is for basketball.

Outdoor Playground

Technology Everywhere

  • Display screens and interactive smartboards. 
  • Wi-Fi Access.
  • Sound Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (central heating and air conditioning system)
  • Water Treatment Plant and Ventilation/ Purification System
  • Smartphone Application which enables communication between the parents and the school

Music Room

This room is fully equipped with musical instruments in order to help develop students' talents and to help them enjoy their valuable time at school away from the normal structure of classrooms. Instruments include pianos, guitars, ouds, etc.

Music Room

Art Rooms

This room is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to enable students to explore their artistic side in a relaxing atmosphere. Students are encouraged to display their talents through creative imagination.

Art Room

Sports Facilities

The school has a range of excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. MIA has two large outdoor field areas which are used for PE activities and classes such as soccer and basketball, and another two indoor sports halls for multi-purpose use.

Sport Facilities

Vocational Room

This room enhances students’ life learning skills through extra-curricular activities. It is fully equipped with the necessary tools for in cooking, sewing and handicraft work like embroidery in order to expand the skill set of our students.

Vocational Room

Prayer Room

At MIA, we try to focus on spirituality and therefore those who wish to perform prayer are able to do so in a room that provides them with privacy and serenity in order to practice Salat to the utmost approval of Allah (S&T).

Prayer Room