Word from Principal - Mada 1

Mr. Musa’ab Al Azam

We, at Mada, from the first day of establishment of this educational institution, we believe and embrace the fact that learning should be fun and useful as well.

We work very hard and do our best in order to raise a generation who believes in Allah and loyal to their home country.

We have laid out a clear plan to build the students personalities, scientifically, and socially for them to be able to engage in society and accept the each other.

In order to provide the  students with as richly varied a school experience as possible, we at Mada host a variety of curriculums in our educational plan as well as extra activities after school to support this message.

We believe that school institutions are the main contributor to society. May Allah accept our sincere effort and lead us to success with the best of actions.

School Principal of Mada1

Mr. Musa’ab Al Azzam